photo credit: Svadilfari

I recently read an article by Tim Berry that I found to be very interesting. It talks about lessons learned over the years by employer to employee relations. When employers are working with employees, it is no surprise that there will always be some bumping of the heads and even some bad decisions made (also known as “duh moments”). Below are some of the tips found in the above mentioned article.

  • People will always be very unpredictable, which makes it difficult to ensure that you have hired the absolute right person for the correct position in your company. It’s basically a guessing game, once you have completely reviewed their resume, references and more, there’s nothing left to do but bite the bullet and hope you have made the right choice.
  • Often times you end up hiring the right person for the wrong job. This is not catastrophic, simply find the correct job for that person and all is well and solved!
  • People have minds of their own and can change in mysterious ways sometimes. You can always change the job or change aspects about the job, but unfortunately you can not change the person on that job, change is up to them entirely.
  • “Fit” as in employee fit, is vital but also overrated, and too often used as a rationalization. You want people unlike you, not people like you. But you like people like you.