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The reason why you first embarked on this journey is because you think it will benefit your business and bring you returns. The biggest mistake you can make in social media marketing is failure to measure these returns. We have seen how to measure social media ROI but what are some of the common mistakes that people make when measuring social media performance?

  • Failure to have a clear goal in mind. If you don’t know where it is you expect to go in social media, then how are you ever even going to measure your success? As stated on Penn Olson.
  • Not measuring your total number of clicks received. When you count the number of clicks your site receives then you ultimately know how many people are interested in your site and products.
  • Not paying attention to search results. Measuring search results is key for your social media. This lets you know if people are talking about your business and products. If this information does not come up often or at all in search results then you probably need to work a little more on your presence.
  • How many of your followers are reading your tweets? How many are clicking on the links you shared? How many are making actions on your website? Did you ask these questions when you look at your growing follower base? Getting more followers is one thing, converting them into sales leads is an entire different story.