Big Idea Earns Mom Big Paycheck

It’s a trend a lot of mothers are cashing in on. They’re quitting their 9-to-5 jobs, staying home with the kids and starting their own companies.

Amy Maschue’s big idea is now earning this Phoenix mom a big paycheck.

Maschue’s busy life consists of being a wife, a mother of four children and running a new business. She launched her home-based company, Modest Middles, last October.

The idea was born while nursing her infant and trying to rescue her son off some playground equipment.

“And I’m getting him down and this mom in the park saw me and said where did you get that shirt? And I told her I made it and she said I would buy them.”

Maschue’s idea went from homemade tank tops into which she would cut “u” shapes to a professionally tailored nursing tank top. Her goal was to do away with women exposing side and back fat while nursing.

Like most breast-feeding mommies, Maschue was tired of the frumpy maternity shirts and was ready to get back in her cute clothes.

“I thought we really need to find a way that I can wear the cute stuff in my closet and still feel confident that my stretch marks and the extra baby weight that doesn’t go away right away is still covered,” said Maschue.

Image from Modest Middles

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