Creating A Smoking Personal Brand

 Smoke Art - II
photo credit: neilbetter

When creating your own personal brand it is vitally important to make that brand stand out, catch the attention of your audience immediately and cause them to be so interested in the product or services your selling that they almost can’t resist the urge to buy them. So how does one go about this? Look below for some simple tips on creating your own smoking hot personal brand that i found on Escape From Cubicle Nation.

  • Give your audience a sense of reality. Your clients like to know that they are doing business with an honest to god live human being. So don’t be afraid to portray yourself on your website as a human!
  • Spice things up for them by bringing out your personal traits in your brand. You can’t use what you don’t have, so if your subtle and sheek then use that, if your up beat and energetic then use that.
  • Always be sure to use clarity all the time. Always say what is on your mind and always make sure you mean what you say and can deliver on what you say.
  • Polarity. Guy Kawasaki told me long ago “controversy is good.” You do not want to serve the whole world, and if you try to, your message will come out bland and boring. Serve your people. If you feel you have to change yourself or your message to be accepted at work, change environments, don’t change yourself.

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