80% Of People Use Twitter For Biz


According to a new research from Kamaron Research Institute, about 80% of the people use Twitter for business purposes. More than 8 in 10 listed “business” as the reason why they tweet.

This holds true for younger twitter-ers as well. Nearly half of those aged 25 and under gave “business” as the primary reason they tweet.

This Study, “Why Do You Tweet” was conducted online with a respondent group size of 280 Twitter Users.

Just 3 days ago, Biz Stone told Venturebeat that strategic statistic tools for businesses would soon be officially introduced on Twitter. Assuming the findings to be representative of the whole Twitter community, Biz Stone and co can very well expect a great sign up rate upon launch.

It seems like Twitter is doing all the right things to appeal to its users, helping it grow on the right track towards monetization.

Photo by productivedreams.

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