Americans Watched a Record-Setting 21.4 Billion Web Videos

Fast Company:

Ah, summertime. There’s no better time of year to shutter oneself indoors and watch videos on the Web–at least that’s what the latest numbers released by comScore would suggest.

In July, 158 million U.S. Internet users watched a record-setting 21.4 billion online videos, a full 88% more than they watched during the same month last year. We can call the spike a trend at this point, as June saw record-breaking viewership numbers as well.

Hulu scored its best month to date, notching 457 million views of its online content, which includes offerings from NBC, Fox, Disney, and others. On average, Hulu viewers watched 12 videos, totaling an hour and 13 minutes per viewer. Google remained in the top spot, however, as viewers watched 8.9 billion videos, or 42% of all videos watched, via the search giant. Viacom digital came in second with 812.3 million views, with Microsoft’s properties ranking a strong third delivering 630.6 million views.

So who was watching all these hours of video? Apparently, 81% of the American Web audience was. The average viewer watched 500 minutes of total video, or 8.3 hours, in July, with each video averaging 3.7 minutes. That’s an average of 135 videos per viewer.

Photo by HULU.

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