photo credit: Christy C

As employers we all know that when it comes to hiring employees, especially today with so many people out of work trying to find a job, it is a very daunting task. It sometimes seems as though anyone will walk in off the street and hand in an application for any job whether they know what they’re doing or not.

When interviewing, always make sure to pick the one person in your office who is truly great at interviews of any kind. Someone who can remain calm, collected, and push the employee to answer revealing questions about themselves within the companies legal limits to do so.

Always, always, always check up on their references. Many people surprisingly put down either people they barely know, people they haven’t spoken to in forever, or even people that they don’t really know well but they figure you won’t take the time to check up on it… check on them!

The job description. Think carefully about the listing. What are the job’s responsibilities? What skill set is required? It also pays to think about what advantages your company has to offer that would make this job appealing. Remember, you have options, and so do the best candidates.

When coming to the end of the interview and your making them an offer, spell everything that’s on the table out to them. Don’t leave any room for them to be able to manipulate what they “thought” or were given the impression that they were getting. Have an outline on paper ready for them to take a look at when it comes to all the offerings you are prepared to make them. Posted recently on New York Times.