photo credit: benstein

Everyone is jumping on the Facebook train including businesses, at least if they are smart they are. There are tens of thousands of users on Facebook, that is a lot of contacts that you could be targeting for your company and bringing yourself a ton of traffic. However, when setting up your Facebook page there are a few factors that you should keep in mind, as recently posted in an article on Virtually Ready.

  1. All of your events can be posted to where the public can see them. So even the people who are not added to your Facebook list can still view your event when it comes up in their search.
  2. There are all kinds of applications you can use to create several different boxes on your page to customize it to your specific taste and needs.
  3. You have complete control over how much your fans can contribute as well as the content that is posted for the public to see.
  4. You can incorporate an Facebook Ad Campaign via your Page with the option to target a specific market and send those who click on your ad to either your Fan Page, an Event created via your Page, or to your website.