Disney Buys Marvel Distress

Captain Marvel and Superman
photo credit: chanchan222

Many are up in arms about the recent announcement of Disney buying out the long time favorite Marvel comics. Many wonder what this will forecast for Marvels many characters in the future. Will they change drastically, will they get rid of some of the characters that people love?

One sure thing about this transition is that Disney is in a place where they can provide 3D qualities to the Marvel characters, and some of the Marvel characters would be awesome in 3D light!

While yes Disney has always been known to be a fluffier side of character story telling, they may be the perfect solution to Marvel characters. Remember reading your Marvel comics and thinking to yourself how you wish they had brighter color, more actions, looked more realistic, came in 3D, or simply were just plain better then what you were looking at? Well Disney definitely has the capability of doing all of these things for all 5 thousand of the Marvel characters.

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