Right And Wrong Way To Hire People

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In today’s large unemployment line and as many businesses look to fill positions that they cut out during the toughest times, it is being seen that some guidelines are becoming obsolete in the hiring process. Businesses are just so eager to fill a much needed position and have so many applicants that they are forgetting the fundamentals behind hiring the right way.

The wrong way first: interview someone for an hour. If you like them, have them interview three or four other people in your organization for an hour each. You’ve invested five hours of your team’s time, but really you only were looking for approval, because you’d already decided you liked the person enough to work with them for years.

Obviously if you and the first 2 or 3 people like the applicant, chances are you are not going to let the last person stand up and say “no, i don’t like them, find someone else”. It’s more of a courtesy that your following through with. Maybe it’s a courtesy that can be done away with.

You have options other than the above mentioned. Seths Blog recently suggested hiring someone on a temporary basis. You can set whatever time limit on this that you want, within reason of course. Give them say 3 or 6 months to work with you and your team, at which time you will do a review and make a final decision on whether they are the best fit or not.

The other option you have is to shorten your interview time. You can usually tell within the first 5 or 10 minutes if you like someone or if you smell something a little fishy about them. After which the rest of the interview is just a bunch of wasted time. So shorten your interviews to maybe say 10 minutes, then allow the rest of your interview team to do the same, that way you’ve only taken up about 30 minutes of your time.

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