Video Conferencing Has Its Benefits

The most expensive webcam of all times?
photo credit: Jakob Montrasio

In today’s world we are continuously trying to come up with business ideas and inventions that save us time, money and also are safer for the planet. Small Biz Labs recently posted an article on Video Conferencing and it’s many benefits for the business owner as well as the planet.

Video Conferencing saves a lot of time for everyone involved. As reported, the average business person takes just over 5 trips a year for business with each trip lasting just over 3 days each. Imagine all that time that can be saved by conducting a video conference rather than an in person conference.

Obviously the video conference would ultimately also be much cheaper than the business trip given the average business trip costs a little over $1,000.

Video conferencing is green: The Nature Conservancy recommends video conferencing as one of their top 10 tips for saving the climate. Jet’s are heavy emitters of CO2 and produce 12% of all transportation related greenhouse gases. Telecommuting also cuts the emissions associated with commuting.

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