If your kids haven’t already started going back to school, it is likely they will be within the next week. In which case it is time to start managing your own schedule around their new one, or at least take a hard look at your current schedule to see if there is room for improvement. Here are a few classic time management tips as posted on examiner.com by their Mom Entrepreneur Examiner.

1. Set work hours– You might not have to punch a clock and report to work between certain hours, however if you punched a clock at home I bet you would be surprised to see how many hours you are actually working.

2. Socialize on your off time– Even though there is tremendous value in building a support system when working from home; do not let it be a time drainer.

3. No excessive emails– Checking your inbox every five minutes can be a very bad habit (and a huge time waster). Try checking your email at the beginning of your work hours and then at the end before you log off. Resist replying or answering any email that are not work related.

What are some tips that you would add to that short list?

Photo by laffy4k