Cash For Two-Wheeled Clunkers


The U.S. government’s Cash for Clunkers program may have come to an end, but for bicyclists in Portland, Ore., the opportunities have just begun.

Local bike vendor Joe Bike has launched its own Cash for Clunkers program whereby consumers can donate an old car or bike in exchange for discounts on a new utility bike and a Zipcar membership, among other benefits.

To unload an old car, consumers begin by donating their vehicle to the American Lung Association, which will tow it away for free. They then bring their receipt to Joe Bike, which gives them a 10 percent discount on any bike in stock or any bike that it can order or build.

Then, with their purchase, Joe Bike will also provide a unique code that’s good for a USD 50 reduction in the cost of a new Zipcar membership along with half-priced annual renewals indefinitely and USD 150 in driving credit.

For bike donations, meanwhile, consumers can bring in any repairable clunker and get discounts starting at USD 50 off any new bike priced under USD 1,000. The clunker is donated to the nonprofit Community Cycling Center, which will repair and find it a new home.

Though he originally intended the Cash for Clunkers program to end Sept. 1, store owner Joe Doebele has now extended it at least through year’s end, he says. He’s also working with Zipcar to expand the program, including signing on more nonprofit partners, and hopes eventually to turn the result into a nonprofit organization that can spread to other cities as well.

Photo by Joe Bike.

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