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Many business owners who have a website for their business surprisingly do not have a list of goals that they would like or expect their website to achieve. This is the biggest and most common mistake of small business website owners. Why have the website out there if you are not even going to have goals set for it?

With your website you should constantly monitor what goes on, from the traffic it sees to the type of conversations as well as any requests or suggestions that your readers make. After you have gathered all of this data then you can sit down and take a look at what sections may or may not be producing traffic and comment posts. You can also take a look at how many people are suggesting that you add or delete the same thing on your website in order to make it better for your readers, stated recently on

After you have analyzed all of this data now you can go back and make all of the necessary changes in order to improve your site greatly and thus driving more and more traffic to your website. Also, when going on your website be sure to actually respond to the suggestions and requests that have been made, thank people for leaving comments on your blog posts or even just on the suggestions page.

Please don’t tell me your goals for having a website are “So we have a website”. Give this some honest thought and find out if you’re hitting the mark. If not then make the necessary changes and you will greatly increase conversion of just visiting customers to actual customers.

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