Myths About Marketing

photo credit: Eddi 07

With marketing becoming such a huge part of business more and more everyday, and the number of different ways to market your business today via traditional marketing, online marketing and more it is no wonder that there are some ideas floating around that have people confused over marketing concepts and strategies. Below are a few marketing myths from the Open Forum that you can discard when you are confronted with them.

  • Advertising and Marketing are the same. They are totally different. Advertising is when you buy space in order to relay a message to your customers. It can have an impact on marketing or it can not have an impact on marketing at all.
  • Doing any sort of marketing at all is better than doing none at all. Not true at all. Marketing is a large important strategy to your business, if it is not done right and in the area targeted towards the right people, then it’s basically thousands of dollars down the drain. .
  • Salespeople don’t have anything to do with marketing. Also not true at all. While selling and marketing are two completely different things, if your marketing leads to a sales team in order to close but they are not a good closer then your sales will be low. So find good sales closers and make sure you reward them very well.

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