Get Productive With Your Phone

Thinning Down
photo credit: jurvetson

So you have entered the wondrous world of technology and you’ve gotten yourself a smart phone for your business. However, all too often business people are surprisingly more concerned with showing off their many different cool pictures and ringtones rather than using this powerful tool for actual business matters.

Rather than spending all of your time expanding your ringtone list, get your hands on some of the awesome applications that can come in handy for your business like Tripcase, which allows you to automatically import all of your details and information about your recent business trip.

There’s also an app for minute by minute updates on all travel connections such as delays, cancellations, and even gate changes.


TripLog allows users to share their travel experiences, information, photos and plans with family, friends and colleagues.

Some of these cool apps do cost some money, but for the help it can offer your business I think that they are well worth the cost. However, there are some simple apps that can be helpful for your business that do not cost any money at all. Instead of tripping your phone out with cool backgrounds and ringtones, put it to good use with some of the many business applications that are offered.

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