Questions To Ask Your Franchisee

idiot Question?
photo credit: CJ Sorg

Do you feel that the franchise you own has the potential to become a fad? Caution; This question may cause the franchisee to start sweating a little, but after he or she recovers from it, the answer should cause you to not sweat. At all.

If you’re contemplating buying into a franchise, there are many things to take under consideration like the time, effort, energy, already set up business plan, customer base, annual fees and more. When you are thinking about buying into a particular franchise, there are many questions you should ask the franchisee before signing the deal. Here are some from The Franchise King:

  1. If they could do it all over again, would they? If they had the knowledge that they have today, would they still buy that same franchise, would they buy a different franchise, or would they have negotiated a little more before buying it.
  2. What is their technology like? How much if anything do they charge for their software updates? What is their tech support systems like? Are they easy to get a hold of when you do need tech support? As suggested on

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