Take On Your Stress Encountered From Running A Business

 En garde!
photo credit: bobster855

We all know that running your own business can be a very demanding and stressful adventure at times, especially during a recession with so many “unknowns” around you. So what can someone do to take their stress level down in a healthy manner so that they can go on about their business and function 100% like their business needs them to? Here are some suggestions that I recently came across on New York Times that you may never have thought of and also may take you by surprise!

  • Go to a shooting range. One construction woman says that sneaking away for just an hour to a shooting range and letting a few off relieves her stress immediately. As someone who hunts I have to agree with her, it definitely does give you a sense of weight being lifted right off your shoulders as soon as you pull that trigger.
  • Take up having a poker game once a month or even once a week if you need it that badly. Get some of your closest friends together who may also need a tension reliever and set in for a good night of laughs, games, and maybe even a little extra pocket money by the end of the night.
  • One man suggests that fencing is another great stress reliever, claiming that the minute your sword touches your opponents sword that all of your stress is just lifted away and forgotten about at that time.

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