Michal Wurm over at Digital Arts offers a great opportunity for anyone who needs a website build or re-designed.

“I run a web design studio called Digital Arts and as a small business owner I know too well times are tough for many of us. I also believe the best way we can all get ahead is by helping each other out. That’s why me and my team came up with the following offer:

Every other month, we would like to build a whole new website for one business completely free of charge.

This includes a customized professional design, content management system, free hosting for one year, SEO, Email marketing software, website statistics and of course tips on how to make most of your website. We’re not talking some cheap, three page website – this is a real deal.

Anyone can sign up for either a new website or a website makeover. To keep things transparent and fair we will shortlist the candidates at the end of each round to about 10 who we think deserve it the most and then run a public poll to select the final winner. Anyone can vote who should win.

There are no hidden costs and nobody has to purchase anything from us to be eligible to win.

Register here.

Photo by clix.

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