What To Avoid During A Demonstration

3D Bar Graph Meeting
photo credit: lumaxart

Don’t make a demo in the hope that your customer will eventually see something of interest. Inexperienced salespeople often inflict these demos on their customers as a replacement for doing their homework.

When putting on any sort of demonstration for viewers, it is very important that you not only make it packed full of useful information but that it is also interesting and not drawn out at the same time. The last thing you want to see when turning on the lights at the end of your demo is everyone sleeping. So I have put together a short list of thing’s to avoid during your demos.

  1. Don’t start off by giving a corporate overview. This is almost always nothing but boring information revolving around sales numbers, years in business, the head leaders that don’t even show their face around the office anymore, etc.
  2. Don’t point out every single feature that your product is capable of doing. This will not only cause confusion but boredom as well when you take them through every single feature of all 24 of them.
  3. Use a different demo for each group of people that you go before. If you give a demo to your managers and sales reps, then make sure you use a different demo for the corporate officers. Using the same demo for everyone will cause the important people to walk out on your demo before you’ve even gotten to the part that they will enjoy and understand.

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