Evernote The Wonder

photo credit: Ana Santos

Some of you I’m sure by now have heard of the service Evernote for small businesses. Evernote is a very clever service that allows even the biggest pack rat to store every little note, detail, tweet and photo that they have. However, what many of you don’t know is just how many different ways that Evernote can help you with your business.

Have you ever had the problem of having more than one computer and each computer has several different documents on it that you need? Well, having Evernote allows you from any computer store files and documents of all kinds into your account to which you can later access from any computer anywhere. Evernote even helps you track checks that you write with a special search engine that searches by text throughout every single check you have saved in the account. 

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Store your online passwords and receipts. Whenever I buy something online or create an online account, I forward the confirmation or receipt to Evernote. Now when I forget my password, registration number, or date of purchase, I don’t have to go through all sorts of gyrations to recover them. (This happens approximately once per week.) You can, by the way, encrypt portions of documents at Evernote for greater security.

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