Mobile Restaurant Biz Big

Creative Commons License photo credit: ljcybergal

Bangor Daily News:

Everything changed one morning during a conference call Mark took while waiting for a flight out of Portland, Ore. He and four others were laid off.

A year after losing his suit-and-tie job with its first-class airline seats and clients all over the country, Mark spends most days over a hot griddle at the Phoenix Cafe, which is located in Palmrya. And Pittsfield. And someday, maybe somewhere else. The Phoenix Cafe goes wherever it pleases.

“Basically, it’s a full-service restaurant kitchen on wheels,” said Mark, standing amid the mobile cafe’s stainless steel appliances and polished white walls. “It’s got a generator, its own water supply, sinks, a refrigerator and a freezer. It’s completely independent. I could just pull it over in the woods somewhere and start serving food.”

All Mark has to do is hitch the white box trailer to his truck – albeit with the tell-tale restaurant exhaust sticking straight up – and the Phoenix Cafe follows the cook.

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