A local entrepreneur’s latest invention may sound like the latest must-have children’s toy this Christmas, but is making its mark on the gift wrapping industry.

Liz Mrofka, president of the Fab Fob Company, LLC, invented the Fobbie, which is a small decorative circle that can be affixed to packages.

In May, the Fobbie was made available in all Michaels craft stores in the United States and Canada and online for 99 cents apiece.

Mrofka, 49 of Drake, came up with the idea in 2005 while trying to figure out a way to attach decorative woodwork circles she constructed out of beetle kill trees to packages.

The idea hit her at 2 a.m. one morning when she came up with a parallel slot system allowing her to tie the object to a package.

“As I kid I grew up spending hours making bows,” said Mrofka who enjoys creative craft projects. “The beauty of this product is it can be tailored to any market. I would like to expand it into a pet line.”

She started working on prototypes and came up with the disc with eight slots that can be cinched down.

Photo by Fab Fob Company, LLC.