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crowdSPRING is a small company (our team is 10 people). For a small company, efforts spent on one marketing initiative typically take away from other marketing initiatives. Entrepreneurs and small businesses often ask us about how we market – and especially about SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (paid search). Here are our top ten suggestions, based on our own experience, for supercharging your SEO and SEM efforts.

Always start off by setting specific SEO and SEM goals. If you don’t set specific goals you will have no information at the end of all your efforts to which you can measure, and without measuring your efforts you will never know if your efforts are working enough for you to continue with them or if you should tweak a few things here and there.

Take advantage of the many awesome online tools that are there to help you manage your SEO and SEM goals much easier without going nuts over it. Before committing to one tool to use, read all of the reviews first and find out which ones don’t give detailed answers and which ones are more of a headache than a friend to your business.

When you do come to realize that a certain campaign is not reaching it’s goals and it’s not working nearly as well as you hoped that it would, then it’s time to get rid of it. There’s no point continuing on with a campaign if it is not working for your company, so ditch it and find a better avenue to go with.

For the complete list of crowdSPRINGS suggestions visit their website at crowdSPRING.com.

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