photo credit: Stuart Frisby

If your contemplating taking the time and paying the money to have someone completely redo your whole website, there may be some thing’s that you should think about, consider, and ask before you give the final go ahead to redo everything. Redoing your website is a great idea, but it is a huge step for your company to take. Before you begin the process, think about the following questions and ask them before you start.

  • What is the goal of the website?
  • How many of the people on your team have to be involved and on what level do they need to be involved?
  • Are we trying to close sales?
  • Do we want people to watch or to learn on our website?
  • Should we have people spread the word by providing them with different social media sites?
  • How often can we actually afford to overhaul our website?

Most importantly, Seth Godin asks: “Does showing up in the search engines matter? If so, for what terms? At what cost? Will we be willing to compromise any of the things above in order to achieve this goal?”