A Lovely Favor Brings Together Party Shopping And Planning

Party planning is a tough job, but someone has to do it. If that someone is going to be you, then you’ll want to have your hands on the best resources and the best products to choose from. A new website, A Lovely Favor, hopes to be your one stop party shop.

Although it is a relatively new online business, having just officially launched this month, A Lovely Favor has come a long way. They offer a comprehensive list of information for parties to suit a variety of occasions. Along with that information is a decent sized online shop that is home to a variety of party products to suit your purchasing needs. Who wants to shop around when you can get all of your needs filled in one place?

We recently had the chance to ask Leigh Ciabattoni, the founder/owner of A Lovely Favor, a little about her new business and about her own experiences in party planning.

Tell us a little about A Lovely Favor.

A Lovely Favor is… The Key to Any Party. Our slogan is what we are all about. The key to any party is to have all your information and party accessories at your fingertips, in turn, making it easy to plan a party. Finding information for a particular party theme can be a difficult venture. A Lovely Favor offers one spot where visitors can access all the information that they need, and have things to purchase for their next event.

What inspired you to launch your business?

Inspiration came from my family. I was one of twelve kids in my family, and parties were not in our budget growing up. As a kid I tried to come up with creative gifts to give my parents and siblings. Cards and pictures turned into art projects at school given for one of their special days. As I got older, I took on making favors and bouquets for my sisters’ weddings, and creating diaper cakes for the next upcoming baby. The more I completed, the more people were interested in my work. People were asking me my ideas and if I would do something for them. I found an interest, and others appeared to be just as interested.

About how many products are currently listed within your store?

As of date, we offer 415 products with more to be added.

What are some of the party ideas that you have up on your site? How many different party types do you have ideas for?

Some of the party ideas we offer: Party planning with worksheets; How to make a diaper cakes; craft ideas; how to make favors and gifts; party etiquette; to name a few

Party types written about as of date: Baby Showers, Anniversary Party; Wedding; Planning a Party; Birthday; Football Party; and this is being updated weekly, so there is more to come.

What separates you from the competition?

What separates us from our competitor is that I offer more than just products. I would like to place a person to the site. Readers will understand me, and my triumphs and defeats in the party planning. I would like to have as much diverse and friendly information to offer my visitors that they do not have to cyber hunt for the information they are looking for. As time goes, the site will grow with new technologies and social media capabilities.

What goals do you hope to accomplish before your 1st anniversary? What are some of your long term goals?

By my first anniversary, I will have some of my own products on the site to offer my customers.

My long term goals are to expand this business in many ways. Social media, resources, and tools offered will be easy for visitors to find complete information on everything they need for their next event. The shop will evolve more to include gifts for every occasion.

What are some of the lessons your business has taught you during the startup and launch process?

Lessons learned from the business thus far, is that more of the balancing act of family and work. As a working mom, and a mother of two beautiful children, I have stayed quite attuned to the needs of each. I found that it has becomes easier day by day, because I want this to happen successfully.

By listening to others within my awesome team, I have realized that I can utilize them to help balance and evolve this business to new levels.

Do you have any advice that you would like to offer aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to launch their own online store?

In my own personal lifetime, I found that all of my challenges have brought me great rewards. Starting a business has been challenging and enlightening all at the same time. If you have an idea for a business, and the passion is behind it, then start off by learning about it. Everything starts falling into place after that.

My advice to any aspiring entrepreneur hoping to launch a business is to stay focused and enjoy the ride. The little accomplishments are just as successful as the big completions.

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