Customizing Your Small Business Blog

Rosie the Blogger
photo credit: Mike Licht,

It has been said many times that even small businesses should have a website that includes a very well put together and active blog center. Your blog helps you to connect with your online community by allowing them to leave comments, ask question’s, and more. This is also a great place for you to write about you and your business to give your community a better understanding of what it is you do. Below are some helpful tips from Open Forum on customizing a small business blog for those who are new to the idea.

  • Stay away from ideas that include all the bells and whistles, rather, go with something that is basic and simple. By putting too many sparkly things and including too many applications you could end up causing the readers to stay away from your blog due to too much clutter.
  • Show off a little bit on the designing. Don’t just go with the standard template that is provided for you during the setup process, choose a different template that speaks to you and creates your own look and feel to the blog.
  • Make sure your “about” section is in plain view for the readers to actually read. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that section is boring and most people don’t read it, there are many people that want to read your “about” section so that they have a better sense of who you are, what your business is about, and how you got your business to where it is today.

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