WordPress Moleskine notebook
photo credit: Nikolay Bachiyski

If you are like most of the business people out there, you are someone who works constantly, you try to squeeze 35 hours worth of work into a single 24 hour day, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and always behind on your work. You know that efficiency is one of the most important aspects of your day. So below I have put together a list of some tools that every small business marketer should have on hand to help their day go more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Google Alerts. This tool helps you create a search for your business name so you can find out if people are talking about your company and what they are saying.
  • WordPress. This is a great tool for all of your blogging needs. It is equipped with word counter, spellcheck, pictures, categories, comment boards and more.
  • BackPack. For those of you who have a hard time with chronological orders this tool will come in handy for your to do lists, calendar, taking notes and storing files.

For the complete list of helpful tools visit SmallBizBee.com.