Anti-Obama Entrepreneur Kicked Out of Mall

Dan Fuchs operates a small mall kiosk in Johnson City, Tennessee. His business, Graphic Edge, prints slogans and graphics on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and bumper stickers. Unfortunately for him, more than half of his business came from anti-Obama merchandise, sos the mall has decided to kick him out..

Johnson City Press:

Friday afternoon, Fuchs was handed a lease termination notice by mall officials and signed by Mall General Manager Tembra Aldridge. The letter states that the option to terminate the lease agreement is effective 11:59 p.m. today and that he must vacate the mall premises and remove his property before then.

Fuchs said he was given no reason for this termination and was shocked and upset. Thursday evening, Fuchs said mall officials met with him and told him to take down the anti-Obama items on display by closing time or face immediate eviction.

“I was upset about it, of course,” he said Friday prior to receiving the notice. “That’s my livelihood.”

Fuchs had been in business at the mall for around two months and hadn’t initially set out to create anti-Obama items. One day, he said a customer asked for an anti-Obama shirt to be printed. A few days later, he said another customer asked for another similar item.

Video below:

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