Fast Company:

Can non-profits raise awareness, increase membership, and–most critically–“make the ask” successfully on Twitter?

Can a 140-character message deliver the visceral wallop of, say, heart-wrenching footage of starving children covered in flies or the sad eyes of a neglected and abused animal?

The answer is yes.

According to Beth Kanter, author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, organizations using Twitter that “take the time to engage supporters in a conversation and get to know them are more likely to build trust.” And that trust can turn into raised awareness, support, and ultimately donations for their cause.

Twitter is just the latest platform to turn underserved causes into national, even global, initiatives. Danny Brown, founder of 12for12K, says, “People can encourage others and talk about what they’re doing and what still needs to be done. Think of it as a group of you, offline, helping your local charity and how cool that feels; this is exactly the same but on a global scale. Twitter makes it easy, instant, and most importantly fun.”

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