Democrat and Chronicle:

Pamela Hines was passing through the Rochester airport in April 2008 when she became fully aware of how fractured her life had become.

As she was leaving on business, which she did on a weekly basis, a security employee told Hines that she was in the airport so often, he had come to recognize her – despite seeing thousands of faces daily.

Hines knew all along she was leading a taxing life, but when a stranger suggested the same thing, she realized she needed to make an adjustment.

The result was the downsizing of Hines’ career, from corporate executive to small-business owner.

Her new venture, Jackson & Hines, is a beauty products store that opened in January in Pittsford village. The boutique, named for Hines and her sister, Kathy Jackson, offers skin care items such as lotions and oils, cosmetics, chocolates, teas and candles. The company slogan is “There’s beauty within,” and Hines believes it’s an opportunity for women to “take a moment, explore and discover themselves again.”

More personally, she sees it as atoning for the years when she took little time for herself.

Logo from Jackson & Hines