Increase Your Productivity Working From Home


Ah – work at home. A dream that turns into reality to many, including me. The idea of working in your pajamas and work as you like (and how you like it) is intriguing.

To me, working at home is freedom; working at home brings you more ‘power’ to control your life and money making endeavours.

However, this quote proves true: “In great power lies great responsibility.”

With all the perks you enjoy from working at home, you will always have downsides – Those that if you didn’t take care well will lackluster your productivity, and will eventually push you to work outside your home.

Due to all those above, I have some tips to help you increase your work-at-home productivity – I have ‘invented’ the working hours ‘blocks’, inspired by the Pareto’s law or 80/20 rules:

1. ‘Do not disturb’ work hours – The most critical work hours of the day.
2. ‘Disturb me occasionally’ work hours
3. ‘Disturb me whenever you want’ work hours

For more details read this.

Photo by frencenz.

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