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Understanding Marketing:

The majority of small businesses realize the importance of having a solid Web presence that leaves a positive and lasting impression on customers. Many fear, though, that a professionally designed Web site will cost more than what’s in the budget. After all, it’s easy to look around and find lots of companies that have beautiful Web sites that came with a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Your Domain Name. This is as important as the name of your company itself. Everything you do with web hosting is tied into your domain name, which should be almost identical to the name of your business.
  • Products Page. No matter what your selling or offering, you should always have a special page dedicated to talking about your products and services that are provided. Make sure it’s simple enough for your customers to see each item, it’s cost, and what the item serves as it’s function.
  • Search Engines. Pay close attention to the many different tags and meta tags used in search engines when your setting up your website. You want people to easily find you in their search results, so make sure that your business will come up under several different key words.