Refrigerator magnets
photo credit: oskay

We all know that in business one of the best forms of advertising is through word of mouth. Many people rely heavily on what friends, family members and other random people tell them regarding a business, if someone they know love a particular business they will almost definitely go there themselves, if that same person hates a business most likely they will never step foot in there.

To help generate great word of mouth advertising try offering some quirky products at your business. This doesn’t have to be anything major, it can be free squirt guns at the car wash with any deluxe wash, free refrigerator magnets at insurance companies or maybe something like a free wash and blow dry with every hair cut. This will inspire your customers to go out and spread the word about the FREE products you offer, as suggested on

If you have a website (and you should), on the “tell a friend” forum page always be sure that your clients can include more than one recipient. Include online coupon offers that can be redeemed online or in the store. Including a great tag line at the end of each monthly email is always a good idea as well, make it a real attention getter, something along the lines of “free shipping on every order over $75.00”.

If you’re going to give away swag (free t-shirts, cups, etc). Make them cool and stuff that people will actually use. Can’t tell you how many free t-shirts I’ve seen that are extra large and I will never wear.