photo credit: doug88888

They’re talking to each other before talking to the brand. Social Networking and exchange of information outside of the brand space will increase. Look for more websites using Facebook Connect to share information with the friends from those sites. More companies will become members of Linkedin. Twitter users will spend more money on the Internet than those who don’t tweet.

With the way the economy has been the past few years everyone in business is wondering what 2010 will bring not just for business but what the branding and marketing trends will be next year. Branding Strategy Insider recently posted an article on just that, the branding and marketing trends to look for in 2010.

  • Value is going to be the new black. Consumers have realized the importance over the past few years of value for their money. They will now be looking for a reason to buy all products and services. This could mean trouble for the products and services out there with no meaning whether it be on the high or low end.
  • Remember the term you parents used on you as a kid “because I said so”? That doesn’t matter anymore as far as consumers are concerned. The brand can no longer simply say it stands for something and everyone automatically believe it, the consumers will now be deciding for themselves if a brand actually stands for something.
  • The classic old trick of appealing to a consumers feelings are not going to work anymore. Consumers have gotten wise to that one and are now on the look out for those who are trying to tug at their heart strings in order to make a sale.