photo credit: jmmcdgll

In business we would all like to profit as much as we can, and so we are always looking for new ways to boost not only our productivity but our profits as well. Below are some tips on how you can boost your productivity and your profits by up to 40% that I recently came across on SmallBizTrends:

  • Imagine that your company has already achieved the 40% increase in productivity and profits. Now think about what tools you might use to alert you when you’ve reached your target as well as measure your progress, is there still a goal that seems elusive? Does this 40% increase help to get you closer to that goal?
  • Talk to those within your company and ask them important questions such as what they could do better, how they could do it better and why they would want to do it better. Ask them when they feel the clearest at work, the happiest and the most at ease in their work. Then ask what you can do to help keep them feeling that way.
  • Always recognize quickly that of strength, success and excellence amongst your employees. When you recognize these thing’s in your people it will encourage them to continue on that path.