Free Business Education Online

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OnlineDegreePrograms has put together a pretty comprehensive list of more than 100 hundred places online to get a free business education. Some of their list includes:

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare. MIT offers a ton of free classes from their Sloan School of Management.
  2. Michigan State University. MSU has an International Business section of courses available.
  3. Tufts OpenCourseware. Be sure to check out the International Relations courses, among many others, offered here.
  4. UC Berkeley Webcasts. Find current classes and search the archives for past classes here that include economics, legal issues, and more.
  5. University of Southern Queensland. Find a small group of classes available at the Australian university, including communications and technology classes that will enhance any business education.
  6. Capilano University. Check out the Business section at this Canadian university for their free courses.
  7. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. If your business education revolves around health, global population, developing countries, or similar areas, then the free classes available here will help you get a better understanding of these topics.
  8. UC Irvine OpenCourseWare. UC Irvine offers several business and management courses in both English and Portuguese.
  9. UMass Boston OpenCourseWare. Find courses across a variety of topics useful to business here, including critical thinking, communications, and public policy.
  10. Notre Dame OpenCourseWare. Many of the classes here provide a strong base of knowledge useful for successful business students.

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