This is how I like to sign a contract.
photo credit: ol slambert

Tim Berrys Bplans:

I’ve never taken a negotiation course; not the ones they advertise in magazines, and not one in business school either. These rules are things I learned the hard way.

  1. Find the win win in the negotiation. You will never find yourself in business as a winner while the other is a loser, it is always two winners or two losers. So find the deal that fits comfortably for each party involved.
  2. Find a little empathy in the others situation. It’s like when your mother told you as a child to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes so you know how they feel. Think about what they want in the deal, how they feel in that situation and what they are thinking.
  3. Always get your negotiating done before the final contract is signed. A legal contract really just states what is and is not to be expected between both parties. In order to get something out of a legal situation you would have to sue under breach of contract to get anywhere and if you are at that step then you already have a big mess on your hands. So make sure you do the discussing, negotiation and mediating before hand.