How To Get Yourself To Brainstorm

Charles Bell: Anatomy of the Brain, c. 1802
photo credit: brain_blogger

Everyone experiences patches in life where they just cannot think straight, they can’t come up with any new ideas and they are facing a deadline. What to do? You need to do your work, you have to turn in something! Below are some tips I recently found on Toilet Paper Entrepreneur that are sure to help you brainstorm in a pinch:

Ideas Go ‘out Of This World’. How to Brainstorm: I encourage my people to get creative, think wildly, shoot for the moon. When we allow the craziest, most ‘far-out’ ideas to make the board (the white board), we allow limitless in all our thinking. This can result in the wackiest ideas actually being what we aspire to because we allowed ourselves freedom to really explore possibilities beyond reason. Then, the award goes to the most ‘far-out’ idea. People love to be recognized for their contributions and they get to be the hero for the day!

  1. Never settle for the first idea on solving a problem that comes to your mind. There’s always going to be a second right answer with everything. Ask yourself 5 questions about the problem that determine why it is a problem to begin with and often times you will find your solution within those 5 questions.
  2. Look to the outside of the situation at hand. Ask someone who is in a completely different business industry about the situation. This gives an outsider’s point of view. Often times we can’t find the answers to things or new ideas because we are too involved to begin with and can’t see clearly.
  3. Try performing a “brain dump”. The human brain can only contain so many ideas and thoughts at once before overloading and forgetting some to make more room. Get yourself a journal and just start writing down (or type out on the computer) all of your current ideas without editing them, this will make room for a fresh start.

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