Staying Professional While Working From Home

Richmond Motherhood Examiner:

There are several benefits to telecommuting, but a lot of the time raising kids while working from home just simply requires discipline. Here are some tips, developed through trial and error, to help you survive the most important balancing act you may face.

1. Get up, get dressed. Fight the temptation to work in your pajamas. Start your workday at home as one at the office.

2. Build a routine. Routines are very important to children, especially babies. Regular nap and meal times promote growth and security.

3. Reach out. Stay involved in professional organizations.

4. Advance your credentials. Working from home can isolate you from the opportunities your peers may have. Look into online courses, or weekend workshops to boost your credentials and stay current.

5. Set aside distractions. Multi-tasking has its place, and is one of a mother’s strongest traits. But don’t negate the importance of focus.

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