Evaluating Your Companies Culture

Immigrant Day 2006 Evaluation Meeting, June 2nd
photo credit: Korean Resource Center 민족학교


Choreographing, or at least dancing in step with your organization’s culture, is critical to leadership. Move well with it, and it enables you to get great things done. Buck it or be victimized by it, and it can be your downfall.

Within every company there is a culture among the employees, clients, customers and everyone in between. This culture is vital to how well your company will do on its profits as it pertains to how all people interact with each other. I have put together a list of aspects regarding your company culture that you should be evaluating at least once a year.

  1. The level of honesty between all co-workers.
  2. The language used. What is acceptable vs. what is unacceptable.
  3. The overall vibe that is given off among people. Is it warm or cold? Is it formal or informal?
  4. Mutual encouragement given out to everyone.
  5. The companies values. Are they stated and adhered to, or are they just adhered to without being stated in writing?
  6. Your companies story. Is your story strong and influential or is it neither of those?
  7. Work ethic. Is it strict and intense or is is light weight?

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