Fast Company:

There’s an interesting product review over at Fast Company. Designed by Whipsaw, the hot Silicon Valley industrial design firm, the Yubo lunchbox is a super-cool, super-functional box launched by a new company called Kinsco.

A year ago, when the economy was tanking, Harden and his team were sitting around talking about designing products that were centered around family values, in the nicest possible way. “We wanted to showcase how design can make life better, easier, and more fulfilling,” says designer Dan Harden.

“We took the problem of going mobile with food,” Harden says. “That’s a design problem, and nobody was doing it right.”

The boxes they created feature modular BPA-free interior containers (plus icepack) that snap together in various configurations like Legos.

There are choose-your-own, or design-your-own faceplates, and options for accessorizing, from “personality tags” to water bottles.

Or, you can upload a photo and create a truly personal box. Fittingly, the company’s motto is “Play With Your Food.”

The real beauty of the product, however, is that it addresses a problem that designers have lately been wrestling with in our post-consumption economy: how to make things that are functional and durable, but can continue to delight, even after many years.

Photo by Kinsco.