Dallas, Texas – October 12, 2009 – EIRO Research, a Dallas-based nutritional company, launched EIROfit , a comprehensive and easy-to-use weight management system, at its launch convention on October 9, 2009.


The EIROfit system consists of two weight management products, EIRO Leanâ„¢ and EIRO Burnâ„¢, plus dietary and exercise guidelines and a simple online tracking system, EIROtrack. EIRO Lean is a meal replacement shake formulated with EIRO RSâ„¢ technology, a proprietary blend of resistant starch and fiber for optimal wellness and weight management. EIRO Burn is a metabolism-boosting dietary supplement formulated to help users achieve an ideal weight by boosting metabolism, enhancing energy levels and helping to control hunger between meals.

EIRO recently completed a pilot study of the EIROfit system. In 8 weeks, the 25 study participants lost a total of 467 pounds, or an average of 18 pounds each. “The system has been easy to use, and the results are astounding. I was surprised to find that I wasn’t hungry between meals and had plenty of energy for daily exercise,” says Ken Haveman, a pilot study participant who lost 42.6 lbs and 18.68% total body weight after being on the system for 8 weeks.

The weight management system was launched at EIRO’s launch convention in Dallas on October 9, along with the company’s BMW/Porsche program, EIROdrive. Featured speakers at the event included New York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews, EIRO’s chief medical officer, David Rahm, MD, and EIRO’s founding partners Bo Short and Ty Tribble.

More information on the comprehensive system can be found at www.EIROfit.com.

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