The Dallas Morning News is reporting that cost-cutting has replaced sales as the path to profit at many recession-battered companies these days.

It also has fueled business for some Dallas-area entrepreneurs, who are finding clients eager to try their inventions to save money and time and increase productivity.

Dallas entrepreneur Kevin Winters developed patented technology to take the guesswork out of calculating how far employees drive.

Under the system, employees go online to enter beginning and ending addresses or a whole day of driving for work appointments.

CompanyMileage calculates the distance and reimbursement amount, synchronizing that with the employer’s payroll, accounting and Internal Revenue Service compliance. CompanyMileage also provides a mapping service.

Frontera Strategies began using CompanyMileage’s Web-based management system, saving about $150 per person per month, Frontera partner Ches Williams said.

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Photo by CompanyMileage.