Crafty Moms Create Income Producing Hobbies

Houston News:

They call her the Mum Lady, but Veronica Lozano doesn’t mind. The full-time working mother of three girls has created a side business by making homecoming mums for students in the Kingwood-Humble area. The idea started with one request and soon blossomed into a makeshift mum factory in her home selling hundreds of mums every fall.

“What started out as a fun hobby has turned into a profitable business throughout the years,” Lozano explained.

Wendy Jones also uses her crafting skills to make what she calls her family fun money. The stay-at-home mom specializes in making diaper cakes, something that doesn’t take a whole lot of work, but is a hot seller. She also recently expanded her business to include homemade bows and blankets.

“I am a crafty person,” Jones said. “I have always done crafts and things for my kids, so I thought why not put it to use?”

“Honestly you have to put your heart in it,” Lozano said. “In everything I do I put my heart in it.”

Photo by Siti Saad

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