Email Manners

autoroute à emails...
photo credit: Mzelle Biscotte “It is always a vital aspect of business to be respectful and appropriate even when sending out mass emails to your contacts.”

When in business there are several times throughout our work week that we have to send out mass business email’s for various reasons, but some of us don’t realize there is such a thing as email manners. I have listed below a few mannerism techniques for sending out your mass business emails that are sure to improve their acceptance.

  • Always put all of your email addresses in the BCC field. This protects the identity of all of your contacts, and your contacts will most definitely appreciate this one.
  • Some business contacts may have more than email address, for example, they may have one for press, one for submissions and so on. Always make sure your email is being sent to the appropriate and preferred email address.

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