Invention Dries Out Wet Electronics

Struggling with hearing loss since she was a baby, Karen Wildman (left) knew a lot about drying out hearing aids from sweat, rain and other moisture.

But when she realized she could apply her drying technique to other small electronics and started saving her children’s and friends’ gadgets, she knew she was on to a big idea reports the Mom Invented blog.

Partnering with her sister, Lisa Holmes, the two created Bheestie and Co. to sell their electronics-drying Bheestie Bags.

Starting small and funding the project themselves, Karen and Lisa took five years to develop their product, which is now being sold online and in retail stores — including at major outdoor supplier REI.

The two mom inventors are currently reveling in hearing about the countless iPods, cell phones, digital cameras and other gadgets their product has saved, and project their sales will double this year.

Photo by Bheestie and Co..

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