Public Speaking Lessons From Oprah

Oprah Freaks Out Over A Category
photo credit: dyobmit

In business there comes a time when we all must do some sort of public speaking. For some this is no big deal but for others it’s scary, horrifying and down right the worst thing imaginable. Some don’t even really know how to give a public speech correctly. Oprah recently gave a speech at the Duke University and nailed it with flying colors. Below are some traits and tips of hers on speaking in public.

Tailor your examples to your audience. Always explain how your examples are relevant to your audience. Throughout her speech, Oprah clearly makes the connection between the experiences of the people she met on her show, and how the graduates can extrapolate those experiences and apply them to their own professional life.

Here are some more tips:

  1. Confidence is by far the most important aspect to all of your public speaking. You may be terrified on the inside, but if your showing real confidence then no one will ever be the wiser.
  2. Make it personal here and there by providing some personal tidbits that validate what you are speaking about. But keep it to a bear minimum so it doesn’t grow boring on your audience.
  3. Always make sure to repeat yourself more than once to be sure that you are truly getting your main point and message across to your audience.
  4. Be real in front of your audience. Don’t portray yourself to be something that you are not, this is always easily detected by your listeners.

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