Sell More At Your Retail Store

Target Springfield, VA
photo credit: j.reed

Show don’t tell. While Ralph presented me with a three-page single-spaced handout about the Bee Skep after I purchased it, he knew the visual of watching an 89-year old man hand make a basket with a Diet Coke bottle would draw a crowd. From that experience of watching, he then just answered questions. When I was selling western wear I used to have an employee steaming hats at the front of the store to create interest. What can you show to create interest in your store?

When dealing with sales businesses especially in a down economy, sometimes you have to really pull out the big guns in order to hike up your sales numbers. I recently found some really cool and helpful sales tips at that I think are sure to help boost your sales numbers.

  1. Use the law of scarcity towards your benefit. Try taking a popular item and only display one of them at a time, this will create the sense of you are almost out of this product and people will be grabbing it up while they can.
  2. Make sure that every item or product you are selling has it’s own story other than the features that it has. People like to buy products that have great stories behind them as far as how long they have been around, how they were invented and so on.
  3. Always take into consideration the items own worth and current economy prices when pricing all items in your store.

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