What Makes Up An Entrepreneur?

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59.7 percent of respondents indicated they had at least one child when they launched their first business, and 43.5 percent had two or more children.

I recently came across a very interesting article located at OnStartUps.com where they discuss the traits and components that make up an entrepreneur. We all think of entrepreneurs as always being interested in business since they were young, being a “go getter”, someone who is financial savvy and more. Look below for the most common traits and components that make up an entrepreneur, some of which may shock you a little bit.

  • 95.1% of entrepreneurs have a bachelors degree of some sort and an additional 47% have an even higher degree then that.
  • The average age of entrepreneurs when they opened up their first business is around 40 years of age.
  • 15.2% of entrepreneurs have a brother or sister who have previously started their own business.
  • A large 69.9% of entrepreneurs reported that they were married when they first started their own business and another 5.2% were either divorced, separated or widowed.
  • Entrepreneurs have usually been more educated then their parents were.
  • A good portion of entrepreneurs have worked for some sort of other company for 6 years or more before they finally started up their own business.

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